Nvidia 250 GTS second DVI output dead

Posted on 2011-05-11
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have an Nvidia 250 GTS video card running on a computer with Windows 7 64 bit installed.
The task at hand is to power two monitors.  When both monitors are connected, both show up in the screen resolution section.  Only the monitor connected to the port closest to the mother board has a display on it.  Detect indicates no other monitor present, yet 1 and 2 and displayed.  Identify shows the number 1.  The second monitor indicates no signal when the menu is activated on the monitor.

The second port does not seem to have any signal coming from it.  The Nvidia control panel also shows the second monitor and idenities it correctly on the screen of the one monitor, but there is no display.

The port farthest from the mother board has the ability to have the monitor's not connected warning turn off, but does not deliver a display signal.  Disconnecting the monitor from this port also has the second monitor disapear from the control panel screen.

Are there any ways to determine what has gone wrong with the DVI output furthest from the board.
Question by:wilf_thorburn
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    The second monitor is it the same as the first?
    I've got an nvidia 250 on windows 7 32 bit
    On the rear of my tower, the nvidia has monitor 2 sockets
    one orange digital and one yellow analog
    So your second monitor will have to have an digital to analog adapter
     DVI-I to VGA adapter.
    for your reference
    If this is not relevant and you are using an analog as the secondary
    did you
    Power off the system then plug in the second monitor then power on again.
    Take a look in device manager for any problems
    R/click my Computer then on the left Device Manager
    go to VIEW at the top and show hidden devices

    Author Comment

    Both monitors are DVI, and the 250GTS has only two DVI sockets.  Both monitors are identical 23 or 24 inch Dell monitors, less than a month old.  It appears that the output futhest from the motherboard [upper] does not produce any signal, but the monitors can detect the cable being removed from the monitor that does not function.  The OS is Windows 7 64 bit.  The driver is the Windows 7 / Vista 64 bit from the Nvidia site.  There is a control panel downloaded from the Nvidia site that can sense the two monitors, but it seems impossible to initiate the second DVI socket.  Are there any other Nvidia Utilities needed to initiate the second socket, or are there any diagnostic utilities available to test the card?
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    Hi, there shouldn't be a problem.
    So on your Nvidia you have 2 white sockets?
    We may have the same nvidia 250 but different brand.
    Besides the Nvidia control panel there is no other way to see if there is a problem other than device manager.
    These cards are detected at the connection.

    Are both monitors coming off the nvidia?
    It sounds like one is off the Nvidia and the other off the main board on board chip?
    With reference you say here >> the output futhest from the motherboard [upper] does not produce any signal.
    Do you have an on board video chip as well as the nvidia 250?
    Let me know of that please.

    Do you have the manual to refer to?
    On mine it states if the second monitor is not displaying it is the connection.

    Did you run the multiple monitors wizard in the nvidia control panel?
    I don"t have a second monitor now to test it unfortunately I ditched them.
    Go to your control panel Nvidia
     Click on >Detect missing monitor


    Author Comment

    There is no video chip on the motherboard. The video card has two DVI ports.  If it were a desk top and not a tower, the dvi port closest to the mother board would be the lower one, and the one furthest from the motherboard would be the upper one.  It is in a tower, so from the back o the tower, the right port will not transmit signal to the monitors. The monitors and cables are new.  Either monitor will run from the lower [closer to the board] port.  When watching either Windows 7 monitor control panel or Nvidia control panel, attaching the cable of the second monitor to the upper or right port will cause a #2 monitor to apper.  You cannot choose the #2 monitor, and detect brings up no monitor detected.  I think the portion of the video card port that senses a monitor present, and the portion of the input port [on the monitor] that detects a computer present works.  The actual video signal is missing.  I suspect the video circuitry to be bad, so was wondering if there is a diagnostic utility available that will correct this.
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    Good no onboard chip.

    Because I am dependent on your details wilf_thorburn to see in my head so to speak, when you say the dvi port closest to the mother board would be the lower one, doesn't figure into it in my head unless your video card is sitting on the side??,
     your video card has two DVI ports one on the left default and one on the right secondary.
    And both are white? on this Nvidia 250?<<<

    And this lol> If it were a desk top and not a tower,< um a desktop is just that a monitor with a tower and is called a desktop so yes it is a DESKTOP, I was determining if it's a laptop as laptops can turn off the default monitor with a secondary monitor connected.

    ok lets see if we can resolve it, so if I ask you some questions please try to answer those.

    When you plug in the second monitor in windows should detect it automatically if you have met the requirements.Right cables etc.
     As it is not then we'll need to eliminate the possible problems one by one.
    There is no diagnostic tools for this.

    Both monitors are using the same display size?
    Have you tired swapping the monitors around and using the other then runs ok?

    Set the display same as original. Use the same display on both.
    Have you changed the display settings to include 2 monitors.
    Duplicate or extended mode? Duplicate, also known as clone mode only works if both displays are the same resolution
    here's how to
    To change your display settings to extended
    Open Screen Resolution by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, and then, under Appearance and Personalization, clicking Adjust screen resolution.

    Click the drop-down list next to Multiple displays, click Extend these displays, and then click OK.
    for your consideration here's the source with pictures.

    You are certain that both DVI on the back of this video card are the same color?
    If not
    You need to enter the BIOS by hitting usually F2 or DEL on a Dell
     find the setting for the Video it should give you choices like VGA or DVI or VGA+DVI you need it set to VGA+DVI by doing this you are turning on the other output.

    Hope this assists

    Author Comment

    Sorry for the confusion, but left and right depend on whether you are facing the back of the computer or the front, If you are at the back of the computer, the left DVI port is closest to the notherboard.

    Both DVI ports are white on this Nvidia 250 GTS.  Both ports can detect a monitor [monitor 1 and 2 show up].  It is not possible to get a diplay on monitor 2.  I will try checking the bios, but I do not recall the choice of vga +dvi
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    Accepted Solution


    only if the ports were a different color, since they are the same the bios setting is not required.
    Could you post a screenshot of your control panel. And the name brand  of your video card.
    I know it's nvidia 250 but brand?
    Mine is a zotak gigabyte nvidia 250

    Which is the primary monitor in your nvidia display?
    Have you swapped them?
    is the monitor that works identified as #2 monitor on Nvidia control panel?
    How big is your power supply unit?
    To run windows 7 and 2 displays / video card etc you need at least 800 watts nicely.

    Please post back your results with this test>Have you tired swapping the monitors around and using the other does it then run ok on that but not the secondary, this will determin  if it is that particular DVI port.

    you say>Both ports can detect a monitor [monitor 1 and 2 show up]. << if both monitors show up then could be just a setting, did you enable show desktop etc as per my previous comment?

    All I can offer in the way of diagnostic tools to see if you have a main board problem
    is this S.I.W
    Use this one to look at the illistrations, click on Video then ports.

     the video card itself could be faulty.
    How old is it?
    Any chance you have a spare video card with 2 DVI?


    Author Closing Comment

    The card turned out to be defective.
    Thanks for your patience
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    Expert Comment

    Sorry to hear that but now you can move on.
    And with a new card the monitor/s automatically install and work even with windows 7 x 64 bit.
    This OS is very functional
    You'll be most pleased how easy it all works
    All the Best

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