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General backup statergy

Dear all,

We are planning to implement backup strategy in our office

can some one advice me on the recomended generalised backup satrerges for windoes server 2008 and exchange server

thanks in advance
2 Solutions
Since you have not mentioned the Exchange Version that you have,
First of all please understand the various options and types of backup that exchange has:
Also let me know if exchange is on a DC and if there are other DCs in the enviornment.
after this information, we can decide on an action plan that you can follow as your backup strategy
Depending on the size of the Exchange database, you can either perform daily full backups or daily incremental and weekly full backup.

I usually took weekly backups of AD.

If you have enough tapes and time then do nightly FULL backups
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All the normal comments above for backing up.
Also to add to the above, it could also depend on your legal retention obligations as in if you are a financial org you have certain obligations to keep customer info for so many years and in this scenario archiving data off to an alternate location ie Tape etc comes into play.
Also as your data increases you may also want to archive off info that is very rarely used but maybe required in the future, so if you find yourself struggling for space you may want to look into archiving this kind of rarely accessed data.
Another option which would depend on your broadband speed ie standard broadband or leased line.
Onsite backups to a Nas device or onto another server in the building and also offsite as well in the event of a fire etc.
This option comes in handy if you dont want the added burden of having to remember to put the tapes in and also take them off site each day or pop them into a fire proof safe.

Just a couple of extra options to juggle through as some of our clients prefer the offsite option so they do not have to worry about tapes, with the off site option you can get a fully managed service where by the provider checks that the backups are done correctly each day again taking the burden away from you, but of course you have to pay for this service.
But you need to way up the costs between the options of the costs, ie setup and purchase of
Backup Software
Tape drives or autoloaders
plus your time to install and carry out all this as opposed to the ongoing monthly offsite plans and there are countless off site plans.
Getting your initial data feed is the most awkward part as you need one of two things to get started.
Either backup your 1st backup to USB drive and send via courier to the backup providers data centre so they can then run ongoing incrementals from this initial seed.
If you have a fast enough Leased line you could very well run the initial backup across the your leased line to the data centre.

Hopefully food for thought.
chlavararaAuthor Commented:
hi all,

We are using exchange 2010 on a DC and there are no other DCs other than it.

Please recommend a back up strategy for the above environment.

We also have some stand alone servers and usually what is a generalized backup strategy for the standalone servers

all the stand alone servers are windows server 2008

thanks in advance
There is a bare metal recovery option in windows server backup(the utility that is builtin with windows 2008). You can use that.

What media will you use to store backups? backup strategy will depend on that.
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