sbs 2008 remote web workplace started failing. login failed when connecting to computer

We have a long term SBS 2008 install that sometime fairly recently has started failing in RWW. I can login, check email, browse the sharepoint site just fine. However, when trying to connect to a computer it gets as far as asking about syncing printers and clipboard. Once I OK that the windows box comes up asking for credentials. all credentials i use just come back as login failed. i have verified that the terminal services gateway is running. I've restarted the server to see if that helped. I've created a new administrator level user to test, i've tried connecting to multiple different machines from multiple machines. It fails every time.

What is the source of it continuously rejecting any obviously valid credentials. Note, i have my syntax correct because it used to work just fine.
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CougarRidgeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I did all updates and the problem hasn't seemed to recur yet like other people described. The certificate is valid and current. I guess since it hasn't started failing again we'll say the updates fixed it.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Make sure all your certificates are current. An expired certificate would act this way.

CougarRidgeAuthor Commented:

i see that cycling the windows auto on the rpc dir will make it work for the above link.. it seems to work here. I'm also going after the update rollups to see if i've got them all applied.
CougarRidgeAuthor Commented:
solved it myself i think.
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