.Net framework version mismatch while adding reference


I have a solution with 2 projects a C# class library project targeting .Net Framework 3.5 and

a silverlight (version 3) class library project targeting .Net Framework 3.5 .

Now when i am trying to add reference of first project in silverlight class library, I am getting error as follows :

the target framework version of the project '' is higher than current project Target Framework version. Would you like to add this reference anyway ?

Version Conflict error
Why i am getting this error even though target framework for both is same ?
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dj_alikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Silverlight 4 Project Types part III – Silverlight Class Library
Sathish DVSoftware EngineerCommented:

you cannot add non-silverlight reference to silverlight project. So try moving all functionality avail in C# class libray to SL class library.
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