Dot Net Nuke Website not running in Firefox with IIS 7.5 32 bit(Windows 7)

A DotNetNuke Website working fine with IE 8,but the same site is not working in Firefox, The path of the hosted website is different but the Firefox is finding the same in "inetpub\wwroot\", this kind of problem is occuring only with DNN website. The IIS version is 7.5 and OS is Windows 7. Please help.....
 Site working in IE Site not working in Firefox
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IIS 5 and IIS 7.5 are very different in term of security requirements. Try whether you can access IIS 7.5 with firefox 3.5 or above in XP.

Jackie ManCommented:
Firefox 3.5 or later will not run any DotNetNuke Website. DotNetNuke is a propietary web standard of Microsoft and can only be run on IE. Google Chrome can run DotNetNuke, but errors may be encountered.
jasbirbrarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for such an early response. The DNN website is running fine with Firefox 3.5 or above in Windows XP (IIS 5.0) but the issue is occuring on Windows 7 (IIS 7.5). So the issue might be some what related to IIS 7.5/Windows 7 not Firefox.
jasbirbrarAuthor Commented:
The at times runs properly .
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