How to maintain forms localisation in Delphi

I have starting using localisation in Delphi for my french application
I developed an "english" version
All forms were copied in a ENG sub-directory, DFN files were created and I translated all french string in english
That's fine
But now I want to make some modifications on some forms (add button, labels etc...)
How do I (or Delphi !) reflect that in the english version of forms ?
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Delphi ITE engine already support it:
Please click menu [Project], [Languages], [Update Resources DLLs]
A copy of the proiect means, Double effort on modification....
Many programs use language files for localisation..
A dictionary (KeyValuePair) like language file, will make everything much easier, no matter how nonsense
the "Keys" are.
Like Keys, CaptionOfLabelXOnForm13...

Of course good keys will make more sense for further modification...
I don't think delphi has a tool for passing the changes in a project to the copy of it..
LeTayAuthor Commented:
The project is not copied
I use the Delphi localisation feature
This, as far as I know, mainly means that all forms definitions file (DFM) are copied in a (in my case) ENG subdirectory.
Also, Delphi automatically creates DFN files
I use then the translation feature of Delphi very easily to translate the french string on each form in english, inside the IDE with the translation interface. This means essentially the "caption" properties
Once this is done, I compile. I get myapplication.exe (a single one) and a myapplication.eng (the english DLL)
Of course for all french stuff like messages built inside the program, I created an internal "dictionary" for translation.
Now my question is concerning the forms that I now want to maintain
LeTayAuthor Commented:
Indeed you are right !
I completed missed that in the IDE
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