How to add custom field validator in sharepoint list fields

I want to add a compare validator for date comparison between to fields say "Start Date" and "End Date" in a sharepoint list. I have n no of list having different types of validators of their respective fields.Now as in sharepoint development I know to do this by shareponint designer in NewForm or EditForm, but problem is i m having more lists which may increase any time.
So doing for each list each field it is tedious....

Is their any approach to do this by using sharepoint object model.

For your better understanding I just want like this....hit this url's 'Tutorial Tab' -->

I need only what is approach to do this through object model for Date Compare Validator on one list....

Thanks in advance
Sumeet Suvi
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sumeetsuviConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply....
I written that in context of Moss - 2007 ....please send any link or code how to use custom list with validators in WSS Model C# code ....not XML based....
Comparing b/w fields should be built in 2010 list.
For more custom (or 2007) approach, try using a list template (maybe created with VS) to create your lists.
sumeetsuviAuthor Commented:
Out of scope now
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