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We are using Windows Server 2003 Domain controllers. I wish to change the Administrator password on all workstations in our domain. I am using one VB Script for that. I configured this script as a startup script using GPO. I put the script in SYSVOL share and configured the GPO. At this point of time the GPO applied successfully and the password changed accordingly.

But When I changed the script from SYSVOL and Kept in our file server share and I had configured the GPO accordingly. I had given the permissions on that file share to System, Authenticated users, Everyone to full access.The file share is accessible to all our workstations. Now the GPO is getting applied but it is not giving the exact result. In the event viewer I am observing lot of errors "Could not execute the following script \\\Logonscripts\LAUANDPWD.vbe. Access is denied". I had given all the required rights on the folder. Please suggest me how to resolve this error.

Please find the Script and Error as attachments.

Thanks in advance.
 Script.txt Error screen shot
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try to set Share and NTFS (Security) permissions with Everyone Full Controll
gaddam01Author Commented:
The share and permissions are already given for Everyone with full control.
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Joseph MoodyBlogger and wearer of all hats.Commented:
Why not use group policy preferences to manage local password? It is designed to do that and is super easy to set up!
1 - Start  ProcessMonitor , run the script manually and check system activity.
2 - If it worked in sysvol folder, why change it to another folder ?
Depends on how many users but you can get rid of the script and manually change the password from Users and computers.

The put script back in SYSVOL again
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