OOF and OAB not access for Outlook/Exchange in a different Domain

I have user in a doman say DOMAIN1 who access email mail resources in DOMAIN2. the have diffrent login for both domains hence they log into their computers in DOMAIN1 using loginA and then have outlook configured using loginB (DOMAINB\loginB)

DomainA original had an exchange infrastructure which is currently not operational.

All has been working fine until I recently realised users are

1. Not able to setup Out Of Office (OOF)
2. Offline Address Book is not downloading (OAB)

I have run through the CTrl+"right click outlook icon in system tray" and tested the connection status and auto configuration. Please see result for DOMAIN1 users(who access email resources in DOMAIN2) that experience the problem and the result for DOMAIN2 users who don't have any such problem.

My question is, how to I reconfigure outlook to get OAB and OOF to work.
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Teddy_HowardConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I am working on fixing this issue using a DNS entry.

I am changing the DNS record of the autodiscover URL to point to the IP address for the NLB for the new exchange infrastructure in DomainB.

A few other tweeks will have to go in on the client side. will post the full fix here when its all done.
Teddy_HowardAuthor Commented:
Possible fix.

change the URLS for auto discovery using the exchange cmdlet so the Domain1 gets its auto configuration data as Domain2 users.
SaakarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you run a test @ http://www.exrca.com and post the results
e_aravindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For the domain-1 user, the details fetched-up are like

This needs to be modified\corrected @ the server-end to show-up as

Is the issue correct?

Along with the "Results" tab of the screen-shot
Please share the Log tab of the "test email autoconfiguration" for both the domain-1 and domain-2 users.

Possible options:
1. if the domain-1 users are using some\any SCP object...we need to modify that value of AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri  using Set-ClientAccessServer commandlet

2. if the domain-1 users are using the autodiscover.domain1.com...can we modifiy the host file @ few clients to point the URL autodiscover.domain1.com to the correct CAS server
Teddy_HowardAuthor Commented:
Best solution using my own understanding.

Had to change autoconfiguration settings to point to new domain.
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