iPad with Exchange 2003 sp2

Hi all

I've configured my Exchange server sp2 to connect via webmail address an iPad
I think I've done all correctly, but the strange thing is that I've tried to configure on iPad 5 different users
2 of them work, the other 3 NO
The authentication process works fine but, when i browse the Inbox, on iPad I receive error: "Cannot get mail" - "The conncetion to the server failed"

The 5 users are all in the same exchange server... any ideas?

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ServiceAdvisoryConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
My colleague find the solution: it was something related to form authentication form
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Some bugs with the latest IPad and iPhone firmware 4.2.1 in relation to Exchange


ServiceAdvisoryAuthor Commented:
Hi, any ideas?
I didn't find a solution from the link above

ServiceAdvisoryAuthor Commented:
noboby else found the solution
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