Automatic Replies - Outlook 2007 (with Exchange 2003)

I use Outlook 2007 (with an Exchange Server - I think 2003) -- and I would like to know how to setup an automatic reply that will go out for every e-mail received.  If I am correct, when I use the "out of office" message it only replies one time to a sender -- if the sender sends me multiple emails over a week's period -- they only recieve my out of office message when sending the first e-mail.  I want a reply message to go out each time a message is received in my inbox.  Please advise the easiest way to set this up.  thank you.
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Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:

go too Tools and there you have "absence handler"
there you set it up...

My office is in swedish... ;-) so google translate'ed frånvaro hanteraren ;-)
You can use the out of office assitant to send replies to all incoming emails by creating a rule in the out of office assistant window.
as per attachments.
hope this helps.

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Chris BottomleySoftware Quality Lead EngineerCommented:
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For what it's worth I suggest the post from sekarc4u: as being the most likely since it will fire for every received mail so you do need to consider the turn on/off of the feature if you do not want it to fire when you are at the PC.

YOu should also note the mechanism only works if the PC is turned on i.e. it does not run on the exchange server so if you need it on the server then no go!

mmj1Author Commented:
Thanks for all of your input.  The pc will not be turned on during my absence so I would assume I need to go with redeinterna's recommendation.  But one question, it appears that if I put text in the "AutoReply only once to each sender with the following text" box and setup up a template it sends two out of office messages for each message received -- So, if I leave the "AutoReply only once to each sender with the following text" box empty -- will it only send one out of office message out (my template message) for each message recieved?
mmj1Author Commented:
Thanks to all for your assistance.
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