SNMP Did not Install Properly

I attempted to install snmp using the yum install net-snmp-utils"  it did not install the /etc/snmp folder or the snmpd.conf file.  I don't see the snmpd file in the /etc/init.d/  folder.  

This is a Redhat Enterprise 6 server.
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Sikhumbuzo NtsadaSenior IT TechnicianCommented:
[root@localhost sikhumbuzo]# rpm -i net-snmp-utils-
error: Failed dependencies: is needed by net-snmp-utils-
        net-snmp = 1: is needed by net-snmp-utils-
As you can see I downloaded the rpm manually, then installed, after failing I then did the following.

yum install "" and the other one, then I install the utils with yum.

All should go well and your "snmpd" file will be there.

Oh i'm on Centos but this should work for you as well just find your rpm.

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