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I have 5 networks that need to be connected together to exchange information and for troubleshooting. IP ranges are and and and and

It is not feasible to RE IP all these device and i plan to do the routing through a sonicwall TZ 201 firewall router the issue is there is a drobo NAS that needs to be shared with all networks for data collection and the routing i think i have a handle on but how will i be able to map a drive to another network? This is mostly done by the devices being in the same domain or workgroup correct?

They are all different work groups and can't be changed. Is there any other way to make the drive mapping work?
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Having everyone in the same domain would be helpful but you say you can't change the workgroup.

You could create VPNs to connect to various networks but then you are essentially on that network.
Can nas be setup as ftp server?Seems  a lot easier to set something up in the NAS
ATL74Author Commented:
How is storage typically shared between different domains?
Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Typically you use a VPN if you are not on the same domain. That has limitations but will get you access to the data.
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