Problems booting preinstalled OMAP3 Natty (11.04) Image on the BeagleBoard rev C4


I'm trying to install Ubuntu Natty on the beagle board rev c4. These are the steps followed :

0.Got the Ubuntu Natty image from :
1.Inserted the SD card in my host computer's SD card reader.
2.Identified the correct device name.
3.Ran the following command to write it:

sudo sh -c 'zcat ubuntu-11.04-preinstalled-headless-armel+<omap image>.img.gz > /dev/<device name>'

4.Ran Putty on the host computer (running on Ubuntu 10.10 x86) using these parameters :

a) Set the serial port to /dev/ttyS0.
b) Set the communications settings to 115200 8N1.
c) Turned Hardware Flow Control off.
d) Set the Software Flow Control off.
e) Turned on the Beagle Board and followed the instructions explained at the bottom of this page :

On omap3 systems with a modified NAND (i.e. beaglebord C series) done the following:

On a serial console connected to the system, halted the autoboot script and typed :
setenv bootcmd 'mmc init;fatload mmc 0 0x82000000 boot.scr;source 0x82000000'; setenv autostart yes; saveenv; boot

The screenshot attached explains what happened.
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Sorry I wish I could help but I don't have beagleboard.
I guest you can start from (4 First interaction with the board)
Check everything and then develop your own stuff.
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as soon as I run 'mmc part 0' I can magically boot.
marietto2008Author Commented:
yes,it worked,but as soon as ubuntu makes the boot,the busybox console appears on the screen. Is this right ? what's the next step to do,then ?
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Check the beagleborad beginner guide
marietto2008Author Commented:
What should I check on the beagleboard beginner guide,precisely ?
marietto2008Author Commented:
He helped me partially.
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