exchange 2007 c: drive growing quickly

My exchange 2007 server c: drive is growing very quickly. But my mail box database .edb file is in the D: drive. I did not understand how the data is growing in c:. Any setting need to do to control the data growth in c drive. I need only the binaries and .dll and config files in the c: drive.
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BusbarConnect With a Mentor Solutions ArchitectCommented:
are you sure that logs are located on the D Drive, Also what about the queue database.
Could be the log files or even something another program is storing such as the antivirus or backup software.

Find a third party software that can report the size of your folders to see where the space is being used up.
Check your IIS logs on C:
driskolltConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Treesize is a free utility that will help you figure out where your disk space is going.

It might be pagefile if you haven't set the initial and max size to the same value.  It could have grown to accomodate the need for more virtual mem.
Also check your  Shadow Copy Settings, Right click on drive in explorer, Properties, Shadow Copy and then you can see how much space its using
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