public mail store database not consistent

I have my public mail store that is unmountable because it says the database is inconsistent. I tried running the eseutil /p on it but it gave me the error that is was unable to find the jcb.dll file. I checked and the file is there. I even ran eseutil earlier on my private database and it worked fine.
I do not have any good backups of that pub1.edb database. Is there a way to grab a default database and plug it in? what should I do?
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I QasmiTechnical LeadCommented:
Move the PF Database from its original location and then when you will try to mount the store through ESM or EMC it will insist that if you continue it will mount a blank database if you click  yes it will mount an emplty PF database
Check out this link 

The issue might happen because of incorrect memory settings, especially the /3GB in boot.ini

If you do not worry about the data in your PF database, and are ok with mounting the store with blank database , then you can move the PF database files and mount the PF Store. You will receive a prompt,
select yes and this should create a new database file for your PF Store
raffie613Author Commented:
how do I move the PF database files to mount the PF store?
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