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I have an Intranet site on IIS 7 that is currently using anonymous access.  I am setting DNS records so that it will be available publicly however I want public visitors to have to authenticate before viewing the site.  How do I set (or is it possible) to have internal users on domain not be prompted to authenticate but public users be prompted for a username/password?
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Sanjay SantokiCommented:

By design it it not possible however through internet explorer you can achieve this. First of all you have to disable anonymous authentication on the website. Be sure form and windows authentication is enabled.

Now open internet explorer on intranet system -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Local Intranet site -> Custom Level -> at the bottom, select "Automatic logon with current user name and password" which might do the trick. Also, you would need to add the website in the local intranet zone.

Sanjay Santoki
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