ColdFusion Web Service Issue

Hi Experts,

I am trying to develop a ColdFusion Web Service and having an issue defining more than one <cfinvokeargument>.

Here is my CFM:

<cfinvoke method="listRecords"

   <cfinvokeargument name="project" value="msl"/>
   <cfinvokeargument name="status" value="open"/>


<cfset Records = XmlParse(rawXMLList)>
<cfdump var="#Records#">

Here is my CFC:

  <cffunction name="listRecords"

<cfargument name="project" type="string" required="yes"/>
<cfargument name="status" type="string" required="yes"/>

<cfset var Records = "">
<cfset var getall = "">

<cfquery name="getall" datasource="dsn">
select * from table
where upper(character4) = '#ucase(project)#'
and upper(character37) = '#ucase(status)#'

<cfsavecontent variable="Records">
<cfoutput query="getall">

<cfreturn Records>

When I run this, I am getting the following error: Web service operation listRecords with parameters {status={open},category={msl}} cannot be found.

Please advise,

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ehart12Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi All,

I will award myself the points ;)

This issue has been resolved by simply adding refreshWSDL="yes" to the cfinvoke tag.



Thank you,


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