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Dear Experts:

We have purcahsed the dell R710 rack server on this installed ubuntu server 10.4 LTS this is for the mail server (zimbra mail server) please suggest me which will be the best option for the complete upgradation

1.sudo aptitudue update once done sudo aptitude upgrade
2. sudo apt-get update once done sudo apt-get upgrade

Please suggest me whoch one is the better option.

Also for another few months we cannot afford to purchase the landscape subscription from the ubuntu but iam aware one month trail is available is it a good idea to subscibe for one month pu this production server on to the one month subscription so that will get all the updates.

Please suggest me on above 1 and 2 and also about the last regrading the trial subscription and after one month unsubscribe. Please help

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mccrackyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are asking about preferences.  You will find it similar to asking which editor is better, vi or emacs.  

They both will mostly accomplish the same thing.

Apt-get seems more popular.

I use aptitude and like it better.

Aptitude seems to have a better way of handling removal of packages without leaving orphans around, but with apt-get you can also use apt-get autoremove.

aptitude does it all, while you need all the different apt-xxxx commands with apt-get.

See these pages:
apt offers alot of tools like apt-cache search etc, and also the apt-get -f install (which will get the dependencies.

Aptitude comes with a GUI =)

but truly enough, you can just use both, not like anything is hindering =)
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