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Why cant I download from an website or FTP site when I can open the server and see the files on my Windows 2008 Server

I am not an administrator of the Windows 2008 Server nor am I qualified to speak about it.

I have used FTP from a Windows Explorer window and I can see the files and folders.

I get the message "Your security settings do not allow you to download from this location."

So I copied the ftp file path location
Opened Tools, Internet Options, Security, Trusted Sites
...and I pasted the ftp into the add this website to this zone.

That worked........

so I use Filezilla but I cannot get the updates and or fix the file path the same way as above so that updates will apply. I also get messages to reinstall the program now. How can I get this to work so I can use the functionality of Filezilla on our server. Any support is greatly appreciated.
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Hello, If it is what I "think" it is then when you pull up IE and type the FTP address in your URL and press enter then you are getting that error.

Try this. Once in IE (and you have your FTP address already typed in)...on the IE page at the top near Tools, click Page-->Open FTP Site in Explorer Window

This will then pull up another window prompting you for your credentials like normal.

I believe this started with IE7 and everything after.

If this is not what you are asking then please maybe give a screenshot.

Sorry, It has been a long day/night and I did not see you were using FileZilla.

I too am using FileZilla Server program at home on my XP workstation that I use as my file server and have the FileZilla Client loaded on my workstation here at the office. Mine works great.

But......I also had the same problems as you and these are the steps I had to go through and I fixed my error..

Through trial and error, I found that in addition to enabling "File Download" (Tools > Internet Options > Security (tab) > Internet > Custom Level > Downloads >> File Download) you also have to Enable (or set to Prompt) these other two options:
 "Launching applications and unsafe files" and
 "Launching programs and files in an IFRAME" (this one is only needed if your download occurs in an IFrame),
 These 2 options are found under the "Miscellaneous" subsection, on the same settings screen as the "File Download" option.
After making these changes, I was then able to download files from sites, without having to put them into the "Trusted Sites" zone.

Hope this helps/works. Please let me know.
ruavol2Author Commented:
That was great thank you so very much.!

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