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How to Simulcast Audio and Video over internal LAN?

we have a graduation happening, and we can't fit everyone in the room.  

what are recommendations, even if i need rent equipment, to broadcast teh event in a separate, a'ddl room?
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Can you patch the two rooms together via a Cat5 with no switch or router involved, in other words no active devices?

If you can do that, you just need a Camcorder with HDMI out, HDMI-to-Cat5 converters, and a large screen HDTV:
- Camcorder with HDMI output
- One HDMI to Cat5 sender, this is the sending uint, connect the Camcorder HDMI out to this device
- One Cat5 to HDMI receiver, this would be in the second room and would connect to the large screen TV
- One large screen HDTV with HDMI input

You need something similar to this, but it cannot pass through active devices, this is a cabled solution.

If you decide to try this solution, I suggest you get it ahead of time and test it if possible.

Just a heads up. Looks like those Sabrent HDMI-to-Cat5 extenders require 2 Cat5 cables to work. You might need 2 Cat5 patch cables between the two rooms.
pgetchellAuthor Commented:
good idea, and i actually have one of these things.  (Extron).  

but i need somethign routable, over the LAN.  

do i need an appliance like a Media-Pointe DMR?  or perhaps i can just load windows media encoder on a fast PC, and stream live from a built-in service?
pgetchellAuthor Commented:
I may be able to something like Windows Expression Encoder Pro (Demo available) and decent compatible hardware, as it seems to do what we are asking – live IP-based streaming; “you can publish H.264 or VC-1 content, broadcast live events with live Smooth Streaming”

From their word choice, it seems there are other products that do the same thing, but I don’t know what they are.  anyone know of other options for software based streaming solutions that can live on one computer/box?


I guess i'd just need a decent computer with a good-enough input method, (i.e. video capture card) to test this?

The Media-Point solution seems like a good solution if you have the budget and rack space for their chassis. You might want to ask if it's routable.

I don't have specific experience with the type of equipment that you're inquiring about, but the equipment from Media-Point seems like it's hardware specific for your needs as opposed to running a software solution.

If you end up streaming the video from a server running windows Expression encoder then you will probably need a client (or clients) to decode. A client might be a a laptop with HDMI output connected to a display device that takes an HDMI input. It can't hurt to download and try the Demo.

The link below claims to be able to multicast HD video through switches. Checkout the video near the bottom if webpage, it is helpful. "The HDMI Over IP Network System can be used to distribute HD digital content to 100 or more remote displays on a closed loop LAN by cascading Ethernet switches up to 3 levels."



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