How to repair my Windows 2008 R2 Server

Dear all experts,

For some reasons, my Windows 2008 R2 server need to repair. However I cannot find any repair option when I'm using the Windows 2008 CD to boot up the server.  When I press F8 button during Windows start up, it just return Boot normally, Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Network option for me to select.  Is there any way to repair Windows just like Windows 2003?

Please note, this server don't have any backup images.
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Alright, well I am not there and can't know all the details, but you can try this.

Boot from OS install disk

Select next after making sure the language options are correct.
Select Repair option
Select CMD
CD into recovery
Type Dir
Run the StartRep.exe command in the list.

That should do a basic repair to the OS.

Found that in a thread on Technet.
You will probably need to boot from your original Server 2008 install disk to access the repair console. This is a normal requirement for repairing any Windows installation.

Pressing F8 simply takes you to the boot options menu. (safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc...)

Do you have access to the disk?
towo2002Author Commented:
Dear jonahzona,

I can boot up with the installation CD and able to see the original drive contents, however it ask me to insert the recovery media (which should created by System Backup tools but I didn't make it.), is there any method that can just repair the Windows by the installation CD?

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When you say "repair", what exactly are you trying to do? What is the reason you are trying to "repair"?
towo2002Author Commented:
I can see the Windows login screen, however it don't allow me to login.  I suspect there is something wrong in Windows files and need to repair.

Just like Windows 2003, when I place the install CD on the machine, it asked me to repair it or not.  I would like to do the similar thing.
towo2002Author Commented:

I'm able to enter the command prompt and go to "recovery" folder without problem.  However, I can't find StartRep.exe, is there any thing I'm missed?

What is listed in the recovery directory?
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
have you tried the sfc /scannow command? 
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