Compare field results of a shared variable

I have a Crystal Report based on a table that uses a shared variable field and each field value is associated with a sequence number.  For example:

each {WFVARIABLE.WF_SEQ_NBR} will have a {WFVARIABLE.VARIABLE_VALUE},  For example seq nbr 4 is "old dept", seq nbr 5 is "new dept".

I need a formula that compares the values of seq 4 and seq 5.  Something that says if the value of seq nbr 4 does not match the value of seq nbr 5 then "N".

I have several different seq nbrs and values I need to compare, so any help would be most appreciated.  Thanks!
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To be able to do this using your resultset you will need to ensure that the old_department record is always before the new department record.

If this is true then try adding this formula on to the report

Shared StringVar Old_Dep;
Local StringVar Result;

If {WFVariable.Variable_Name} = 'Old_Department' Then
    Old_Dep := {WFVariable.Variable_Value}
Else If {WFVariable.Variable_Name} = 'New_Department' Then
    If {WFVariable.Variable_Value} = Old_Dep Then
        Result := 'Same'
        Result := 'New'


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If you have a group on WorkUnit then you will also need to add a formula to the group header section to reset the Old_Dep variable

Shared StringVar Old_Dep := ''

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I don't understand what you are describing.

If ...  "seq nbr 4 is "old dept", seq nbr 5 is "new dept"."  ...  then how can seq nbr 4 ever be equal to seq nbr 5?
Best to give an example of your data and the desired outcome
jph826Author Commented:
Sorry, it's hard to explain and thanks for your patience.  Please see attached print screen example.
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