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Pls see attached screen shot right away - this question is hard to describe in words. It's all about Google search return windows shrinking/disappearing.

Anyway, here goes: any Google Search I perform - whether from Google's own search box, or from the add-on "Groowe" Search Toolbar - ALWAYS returns a mostly-hidden Search Results window. The results window  always appears at least 1/2 hidden, to the left of my screen.I can not drag it or "open" it out to fill the screen.  

This only happens with Google searches. All other search engines return normal, full-sized results windows. i.e. Yahoo, Dogpile, AlltheWeb, etc - they all work normally.

I'm on a Mac,  OSX ver 10.6.7, using Firefox 3.6.17 (I've already test-run Firefox 4 and HATED it, so pls don't ask me to update Firefox!). I have numerous Firefox add-ons, including Groowe Search Toolbar, Firefox Showcase, Cooliris (these are ones I am guessing may be related to this issue).

This problem did not begin with any newly-installed anything - add-ons, etc. It just began spontaneously. Google search results window hides to left
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Marc ZCommented:
Since this might be related to an add-on, two additional tests to run, start Firefox in its SafeMode (not sure how to access that on Mac, but hit Help and search for Safe Mode) and test.
If that works, you need to try to pin down offending add-on, disable 1/2 of add-ons at a time until you pinpoint the issue, then determine if the issue or the add-on is more important.
Faster than that would be to create a New Firefox Profile (Help for Profile Manager) and run that.
Craig BowmanIT Services ManagerCommented:
have you tried clearing your cache?
jbm4Author Commented:
hi cbowman92 : nope! But good idea. I'll get back to you on that !
jbm4Author Commented:

I just ran the full set of maintenance tasks using Onyx, which includes cleaning Firefox cache. No difference. Oh well, it worth a try! Any other ideas?
jbm4Author Commented:
TX -
it was a conflict with add-on "Deeper Web for Google."
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