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CFGRID not working IE9

my CFGrid works in Mozilla but not IE9.

Here is the link:


My code is below.  Any help on this would be great.

Thank you
			<cfform name="CouponForm">
              <cfgrid name="parkGrid" style="" selectmode="row" format="HTML" pagesize="8" width="580" bind="cfc:listCoups.getParks({cfgridpage},{cfgridpagesize},{cfgridsortcolumn},{cfgridsortdirection})">
                <cfgridcolumn name="Cid" header="id" display="no">
                <cfgridcolumn name="businessName" width="200" textcolor="Blue" header="Business Name" href="detailcoupon.cfm" hrefkey="id"/>
                <cfgridcolumn name="cDescription" width="200" header="Coupon" href="detailcoupon.cfm" hrefkey="id" />
                <cfgridcolumn name="city" width="110" header="City" href="detailcoupon.cfm" hrefkey="id" />
                <cfgridcolumn name="NEWexpDate" width="70" header="Exp Date" href="detailcoupon.cfm" hrefkey="id" />

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1 Solution
firebug shows some JS errors

document.getElementById("livezilla_tracking") is null
[Break On This Error] <script language="Ja...).appendChild(script)",1);</script>
local.cfm (line 360)
$("#twitList" + _i + " a.twitEntryShow").live is not a function
[Break On This Error] $('#twitList' + _i + ' a.twitEntry...tEntryShow' + _i, function (event) {
jquery.twit.js (line 104)
$("#twitList" + _i + " a.twitEntryShow").live is not a function
[Break On This Error] $('#twitList' + _i + ' a.twitEntry...tEntryShow' + _i, function (event) {

since cfgrid is js based and IE9 is much less tolerant of js errors (ie; will stop js processing when it hits and error), i'm guessing that might be your issue.
sonicimpulseAuthor Commented:
Any idea of how to fix these errors or where to start.  I'm not fluent at all in JS
looks to me like they are a result of code snippets you or someone has added

i'd remove them and see if that fixes the problem then add each one back to see what breaks it

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Try to change fromat from HTML to Flash. This will make your grid cross browser compatible
sonicimpulseAuthor Commented:
I took the Java Script out and still does not work.  Anyone have any other ideas.

I tried changing the grid to flash but that did not work either.
sonicimpulseAuthor Commented:
I took out the java script that had errors.  Still the CFGrid does not work.  Any other ideas?
sonicimpulseAuthor Commented:
Nobody could answer so I asked the question again in different groups
sonicimpulseAuthor Commented:
Nobody could answer to I asked the question again.  Seems if you go a few days with no results just ask again and people start responding again to your questions.
I agree with Sidfishes. Start with a simple cfg rid that youbknow will work. Then gradually build it up. I see you are using Forta's parkGrid as a base. Does for cfc use session variables? I had problems with cfg rid when I used session variables in the cfc.
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