Inserted a background image and now it overlays all the data entry fields on the screen

I have developed an application in and using Visual Studio 10.  I am almost completed with the program and I decided to make the application look a little more presentable.  I downloaded a nice backgrouind .jpg from iStockphoto and dragged it to my canvas.  It looked great!!  When I ran the program the IE 8 Browser opened up and flashed the data entry field / web grid for a brief second and then the background made everything disappear.  You can barely see the top edge of my webpanel so I know everything is still behind it.  Is there something I need to do to tell the image that it is a background?  Here is the code:
<p><img alt="Red Streams of Light" class="style2" longdesc="Red Streams of Light" 
        src="Images/Red%20Streams%20of%20Light%20on%20Black.jpg" /></p>

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Just set the z-index to 0 for the image
Tom BeckCommented:
You could try this.

Add this to style2 class: background:url(Images/Red%20Streams%20of%20Light%20on%20Black.jpg)

<div class="style2"></div>

I would eliminate the spaces in the file name (%20).
Also get rid of the p tag , unless you really needed..

If that doesnt work please post a screenshot , so we can visualize it better.. thanks
Add this to style2 class: background:url(Images/ABC.jpg)

you need place spacer image in div tag.

<div class="style2"><img src="Images/spacer.jpg" width='1px" height="1px" ></div>

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