we have a facility called scan to print which we want to enable on the MFD printers in our office. We have tried trial runs by using our own account and this has worked. Now the issue is that the management does not want to use a generic account with an email address to be used for this. Could you please suggest what would be the best way of going about this without creating a generic user account and an email address for that printer. we cant use external clients like gmail or hotmail as this is restricted in our company and we can only use domain email.
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morganmceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Would I be right in thinking it's Scan to email, or am I misunderstanding?
Do you have an SMTP server in your environment?
I have implemented Scan to Email in our environment using SMTP, using a from address relating to the floor/department location of the printer - e.g. There is no need to create generic accounts as such once you have an SMTP server that can relay to your internal company mail servers.
rax2473Author Commented:
This was exactly the solution that I was looking for....gr8 to have known you.
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