Outlook 2007 has multiple calendar's, contacts, tasks when using Exchange 2003

I have a strange problem in that when I bring up Outlook 2007 which is connected to an Exchange 2003 server I have multiple folders. (Some are empty, some have items in them as this user is just re-installing outlook.)

I can delete the multiple calendar's, but when I hit the one with something in it, I exported the items out and when I try to import the items back into the correct folder that Exchange created, I get the following error:

you have selected to import a folder whose type differs from that of the selected folder. the items will be imported into a new folder with the same name.

I even went as far as deleting the profile, recreating the profile and no and behold the multiple calendars show up again. If I delete the folders within Outlook web access they are gone. But I can't export nor import using outlook web access.

Any idea's on how to get the items back into the proper folders that exchange created?

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e_aravindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you have selected to import a folder whose type differs from that of the selected folder

>> by anychanges the exported contents are of contacts and trying to import back to calendar folders? (or any .ics related stuffs?)

In my testing..even if i try to import the other types...No errors/warning...no actions too.
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