How to Customize working directory in RDP settings of RemoteApp Manager in Windows Server 2008

I need to know how to add a custom working directory to RPD settings.  I know where to add the settings under (RemoteApp Manager, RDP settings, Customer RDP settings tab), just need to know how to specify the working directory.

For instance, how would I specify this directory as the working directory:

C:/Program Files/Help/Please/Thanks

Thanks in advance!
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curtconnerAuthor Commented:
Found the solution: under custom rdp settings in the RemoteApp Deployment Settings dialog box enter:

shell working directory:s:C:\Program Files\Directory\Path
Tushar ChandwaniSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Any similar way to make it work on Server 2012? There is no custom rdp settings in the RemoteApp Deployment Settings.
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