Windows 7 x64 hit by Virus last night and cannot start up windows -URGENT HELP PLEASE!!

Last night, I was browsing the 'net, and was watching some videos at a site I had not been to before.
I have (had??) AVG installed and got a message about a MALWARE program, then my system shut down. I did not have time to read the screen
After that then Windows tried to reboot in "repair mode", if found something wrong with ci.dll. I have tried to get thte system started all of the ways I know of (except a "repair install")
I have tried last know good. I have tried using a restore point (but for some reason it says I dont have any! I am almost positive I had this installed)
I can boot in the the repair mode, then after the diags, I can then select the "Advanced" menu (I may have the working here wrong) that leads you to several other options and through that screen, I can get to a command propt (was not able to start in safemode with command though)
I think I have all DATA backed up now (using xcopy...) and know that it does not back up a lot of system files or protects files.
With that in mind, what could I now do? I dont have my CD drive with me (this is a Thinkpad Laptop, and I have a second HD in the ultrabay)
Last backup was about 1 month ago, but again It was with xcopy...
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Dang it. Sounds like you are screwed :(
Can you boot to safe mode with networking?
Craig BowmanIT Services ManagerCommented:
try to get into safe mode with networking and run ComboFix
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BrujAuthor Commented:
I have nto tried with networking as I was not able to boot in SAFEMODE or SAFEMODE Command Prompt...
Testing now:no... It also comes up to the repair screen...

BTW, repair now does not find anything, but returns a message (when looking at the log)
"Startup Repair has tried several times but still cannont determine the cause of the problem"
I have ran it 17 times now...
BrujAuthor Commented:
>try to get into safe mode with networking and run ComboFix
I did d/l on another system and copied over via usb flash, but it wont run from the restore command prompt, im trying....
If you have the hardware pull the hard drive and attach it to another PC by way of usb...not at my office so I don't have the part number for device I use ( standard usb to sata & ide adapter),  then run any software of your choice at the very least you can save your data, maybe even the OS. Good luck
BrujAuthor Commented:
Whew! I got it working!!!! I had an extra 11g partition om my C drive, I did a paralell install of windows and when I rebooted, it allowed me to ge in! Everything is here! Thanks for you input!
BrujAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys!
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