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I need a HARDWARE solution that will enable 1 mouse and keyboard to span monitors from two different PC's

On the workbench at our shop, due to the limited space, I'm trying to find a way to have the monitor that we use for repairing computers to be controlled by the same mouse and keyboard that we use on the bench pc that we use for work.    I 'm not talking about a KVM switch, and a software solution like Synergy won't work either, since installing software on every computer that comes in is a retarded idea.  Does something out there like this exist?  I've try to google something up with no luck.  Idea's anyone?
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fdvfd dfrfvCommented:
For so far i know there is no other solution.
KVM looks in your case the best.
- it's simpel
- it's not pricey
- no special software needed
Craig BowmanCommented:
Install a KVM, there are no other solutions.

intelliwyseAuthor Commented:
A kvm is not a solution.  We need the monitor for our work computer to always be up and then we have a second monitor to be used for the computer that we are repairing.  The solution I guess would be to continue using two sets of mice and keyboards.
Craig BowmanCommented:
Does something out there like this exist?
No,  you will need to use multiple keyboards and mouses or get a KVM.
I agree that the easiest solution is the KVM as stated by others however I remember years ago (lated 70's) we had a red plasma monitor in our network department that had the ability to display up to 5 computer screens on it at the same time. I believe that monitor was from IBM. I'm not sure if anything like that still exists. I think the keyboard plugged right into the monitor but I don't think mice were even invented yet.

Unless you need both screens visible at the same time though the KVM would still be the easiest and least expensive way to go.  

Memories - a sign of the changes or a sign of old age?  It's all a matter of perspective I guess.   :)

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