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Anyone know of a good seo tool in which you can enter your domain and will tell you what you need to fix.  I have seen a bunch out there but wanted to get some suggestions. Thanks.
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What do you mean by "Need to fix?"  What is the information you are looking for?

Google Webmaster Tools is free and gives you information on crawl data/stats, crawl errors, malware etc.

If you looking to find a page by page tool that shows your on page elements, a free tool I use is the SEO for Firefox plugin by SEObook.  I can run an "SEO XRay" and it will pull information on my on page elements and if anything is missing.  

For a full report of your website, unfortunately the tool I use where is paid service.  I use the SEOmoz PRO Tools where it is able to generate an on page report of all your pages as well as give you crawl errors/warnings etc.  

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