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I have a Sharepoint webpart which calls webservice.  The Sharepoint site is being migrated to new servers and from Sharepoint 2003 to 2007.  I have to update the webparts.  The question isn't really about Sharepoint though!

The Web service is a .Net 1 assembly.  The web parts are .Net 2 (I could rebuild them in 3.5 if it helps but not 4!).  The web service needs to be enabled using machine level code access security and the is done with a Full Trust URL group.

The new server is Windows 2008 and I'm struggling to put the code access security on.  The .Net 1 configuration tools aren't in control panel and the .mrc (?) control app isn't in the framework 1.* folders.  Caspol is in the framework 2 folders and so I can create some scripts.  Unfortunately I can't test them as the business security seems to stop me running them (I can test them on my XP machine but not on a test server).  This means I want to double check I'm doing the right thing before I get someone to run them.  

Can anyone tell me if
  1) Caspol is the way to go...
  2) I may have a problem because the caspol file is in the framework 2 structure but the web service is a framework 1 app?  (I assume this needs framework 1 security even though it is remote and accessed through a URL?!)

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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gringogordoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Caspol didn't seem to solve the problem, which definately seems to be a security problem.  I'm wondering if I should try to get the .Net 1 config tools copied over ?
Daniel Van Der WerkenIndependent ConsultantCommented:
I believe CASPOL is the way to go.  I set up code access security for an assembly I wrote back in 2005 in .NET 1.1, but I'm pretty sure that if you use a .NET 2 CASPOL you'll be okay with a .NET 1.1 assembly.  I don't think the specific version of the assembly has any direct correlation on how CAS works.
gringogordoAuthor Commented:
Hi, Sorry I can't work out how to cancel the close.  I thought I had accepted the 'solution' and awarderd points.  I'm happy to award points between all responders.

gringogordoAuthor Commented:
Actually my issue wasn't a runtime security problem !
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