PDF and Blocked Printing

I was given a PDF file.  When i try to print it the print option is grey.  Is there anyway to get this printed?  Other PDF's work just fine.
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ChickensaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like there may be security settings on the PDF to prevent you from printing it.  That is something the creator has setup on the file.
Brian GeeCommented:
In order to verify what was noted above, with the document open, go to File > Properties > Security tab. If Password Security is noted here, then you'll need to know the password to unlock any restrictions noted on this screen accordingly.
deklinmAuthor Commented:
is there anyway around the security settings?
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Brian GeeCommented:
There are, but we really are prohibited from discussing circumvention of built-in security features here on E-E.
What you should do is contact the person/company that you got the document from and let them know what you want to do.  Many times they will give you the password to unlock the security.  Or they may provide you with a different file that will allow you to print.
Always best to check with the supplier - It may be affecting other people also so you would be doing them a service!

As for circumventing security, Yobri is right in saying that we cannot advise how to breach controls put in place,.

I can however think of one method if you can use a lower quality output...and it's built into Windows so not bypassing the security....
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