How do I send an automated weekly/daily email using Exchange 2010/Outlook 2010

Is there a way using Exchange 2010 or Outlook 2010 to configure an automatic email that is sent weekly to a DL or group of users.  If not, can you recommend any third party tools that are good for this?
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What sort of automated email are you trying to send?
If you have an SMTP server configured within your environment, you could use a utility like Blat to send the mail. You could then create a scheduled task to send whatever you need to whoever you need.
mmudryAuthor Commented:
I need to send automatic emails...  not schedule a send/receive.
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Sorry. you could try this:
mmudryAuthor Commented:
Love that idea.  Would you have any recommendations for a third party should I need to go that route?
The handiest SMTP server to use (assuming you're a Microsoft shop) is probably Microsoft IIS.

You could then create either a batch file or VBS script to send whatever you need to send and create the scheduled task on the server to run whenever you need.

Once you have an SMTP server setup, there are only two steps to sending the mail
1) Setup Blat (Set the from address you want it to display as being from, and the SMTP server)
blat.exe -install SMTP_SERVER_NAME

Open in new window

2) Call the script to send the email:
blat.exe - -to -subject Test -body Test body

Open in new window

Hope that helps! Shout if you're stuck!
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