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 We sort of know how to save a Excel spreadsheet as a pdf document if there is just one tab in the spreadsheet.  However, if there is more than one tab (like 10 tabs) in the workbook, how do I save all the tabs together as one pdf?  Do we have to save each tab and then combine all pdfs into one or is there a simpler way to do this where we can save the entire workbook as one pdf file?
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You can do it all at once.  I would recommend downloading Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS and installing it.  It's a free tool from Microsoft to save Office as a PDF.

You just hit File -> Save As and select PDF.  Go into Options and then make sure you select Entire workbook.
You didn't say what version of Excel or Acrobat.  But here is a shot of excel 2007 and Acrobat 8.  I went to the Acrobat tab and selected Create pdf.  As you can see from the pic i have the ablity to add whichever sheets i wish.
Brian GeeCommented:
If from Excel 2010, File > Save As > Save as type: PDF > click the Options button > Entire Workbook radio button > OK > Save.
That is true, you didn't mention what version of Excel, but I am using 2010.
Click "Save as" choose 'Adobe PDF'.  When the Acrobat PDFMaker pops up choose the radio button for "Entire Workbook".
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