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our company is using outlook web app 2010 for our webmail.  My issue is that Every time I add an attachment it opens a file browser window but then I receive an error. Then when I go to attach it a second time it opens a completely different popup window and I have to open a new file browser window and then works.

This is on a MAC OS X 10.5 .   Using Safari or Firefox.    Any ideas?  
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I had issues that Outlook 2010 OWA users sending attachments to OWA 2003 users on my two exchange 2003 and exchagne 2010 servers. The attachment would not show up for the OWA 2003 users.

I had to run the command to disable 'silverlight' on the CAS server. I don't think you lose much functionality by disabling silverlight on the CAS server.

Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -Identity "CAS_Server_Name\Owa (Default Web Site)" -SilverLightEnabled $False
Could be a web security issue.  Try adding the URL as a Trusted Site.
TechsupportfordumbdumbsAuthor Commented:
We did add this as a trusted site, but still getting error.  See attachment of the screen shot of this error from Firefox (latest version of firefox).  We did see a pop-up message about a silverlight update and tried to update.    After the update, the message goes away, but still receiving this error.  

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