MOSS 2007 Can DIspForm.aspx for a list be altered to open or display attached files

Is it posssible using SharePoint Designer to alter the DispForm.aspx  for a list that has attachements to open the attachment and display it beneath the the form.  

Sharepoint 2003 has a solution suggested here
that uses a small bit of java script.  

This does not translate to MOSS 2007.  Any ideas would help.

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That solution does not show the attachment it only launches the attachment handlers on your desktop.

I think what you want is a page preview type of solution.

That will not be just a javascript , that would be a webpart that will view the document itself

Here is a simple tool

best of luck

eklecticmediaAuthor Commented:
Was hoping for a simpler solution, and less expensvie.
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