OWA 2010 Extremely Slow to Load

I run a small IT department for a public shool. Since we are small we have decided to outsource our MS Exchange Server email service. The vendor that i have contracted with is using MS Exchange 2010. The vendor has provided me the setting so that the users on my network use Outlook 2007 as the email client and use a https://  link to access OWA 2010. When accessing the outlook client, it takes several minutes for users to login and then once connected users are experiencing slowness and/or disconnection. It is taking even longer for the OWA to connect  if it connects at all and users are experiencing more slowness and/or disconnection problems.

I contacted the vendor to check any problems with the Exchange Server but they say that everything looks good on their end and dont see any problems. They told me that it must be something on my network. The outlook 2007 and OWA 2010 links are the only problems that users are experiencing on the network. I am not sure what to look for the correct this issue.
I tried rebooting all of my switches, servers, Wireless Ap's, domain controllers, DNS, DHCP and firewall. After rebooting all these devices, email willl work correctly for about an hour then I experience the problems again. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

On My network I run:
Cisco ASA 5520 Firewall
Cisco 6509 and 3560 Switches
Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller (Active Directory, DNS, DHCP)
Windows XP Professional .
Mac OS X

When users access the Outlook Client or OWA link from outside the network, everything works correctly.

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ckeshavConnect With a Mentor Sr. Infrastructure SpecialistCommented:
Do you access to OWA from Internet, then check the speed from Internet. If the OWA is slow even when accessing from Internet then it is a issue with your Exchange Hosting vendor.
What type of internet service do you have?  T1? DSL?  Run a speed test using this site.

www.speedtest.net  key factors are download and upload speeds.
rweaver313Author Commented:
I ran a speed test. Download Speed is 9.66mbps and Upload Speed is 5.68mbps.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

Turn on cached mode in Outlook if you haven't already and then once the mailbox has synched you will notice less of these "network" issues.
Since it looks like there are using Outlook Anywhere with RPC over HTTP, you can test a laptop configured to their servers from the outside your school/office network location like a your home DSL. This could at least rule out your internal network.
rweaver313Author Commented:
The problem was on the Vendor's end. They fixed the problem and now I able to access my email with no problems. I am not sure what the vendor did to resolve the issue.
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