Cisco 1811 Router Configuration - Two Internet Connections - Redundancy

Anyone have good examples of configuring two Internet connections in a Cisco router?
Current Configuration:
-1 Cable Internet Connection w/static
-Client to Site vpn's setup on this static
-Our Exchange Server Domain name is using this static for RDNS etc

Wanted Configuration
-2 Internet Connections w/ 2 statics
-Exchange to stay on cable Internet connection
-Cable Internet connection for fall over/ secondary
-New second DSL connection as Primary web traffic connection

I have configured both cable and dsl connections independently in Cisco routers before but I have never had two connections in 1 router.

Also, if anyone can recommend best practices for this kind of setup please feel free. ie. Exchange on separate connection etc.
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Syed_M_UsmanConnect With a Mentor System AdministratorCommented:

1) your router should have 2 wan ports
2) configure lease line on wan 1 (serial 0)

for example
int serial/1
ip address X.Y.Z.A or ( as per IP scheme)

3) configure ADSL line on wan 2 (PPEO-Dailer 1-2)
as you mention you know how to configure

if your require NAT, you can take help from

4) configure NAT for exchange on wan 1
5) configure OWA for exchange on wan 1
6)create static router topermit traffic on wan2

for static routes please see this

7) Site to site VPN
jrichesinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All you have to do is configure the interfaces and then use NAT to get to the proper hosts for the services.

for example
int fa0/1
ip address

int fa0/2
ip address

ip route
ip rotue

ip nat inside source list 105 interface fa0/1 overload
ip nat inside source list 106 interface fa0/2 overload

then make your access lists to control what traffic goes out what provider.

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