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Seperating Branch Office Server

I have a point to point connecting a branch office server to our main server at our office. The branch office server is running windows 2000 (active directory and dns) and 6 XP workstations.  in the near future the branch office will be breaking away from our main office. the goal would be to disable the point to point and keep the branch office in tact. we would like to make sure branch office users are still able to login with their computers and maintain their own server.

1. does anyone foresee any issues with just severing the point to point and having the branch server running on its own. I believe after this is done the only thing we will have to seize roles,
2. does anyone recommend not doing it this way and to just create a new domain and joining the workstations to the new domain?


2 Solutions
It would be cleaner to create a new domain and join the users to the new domain.  If you just sever the connection, everything SHOULD still work however.

I second jrichesin's comment.

Create a new Domain.
Yes,...what you suggest would work,...but you end up with "another" company out there running an identical domain as you with identical SIDs,...very bad idea.

Before severing the link run DCPromo to remove the 2000 machine from being a DC.  Now you can remove the WAN Link.

Then run DCPromo again and create a new domain in a new forest.  Then join  the six workstations to it and create the user accounts.  Let the user log in with the new accounts than copy the contents of their old profiles into their new profiles (My Docs, the Desktop, Browser Favs, etc).

It is just six accounts and six workstations,..it just isn't worth screwing around with ADMT and trying to do an actual Domain Migration.

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