How do I identify number of wireless access points needed to serve 250 simultaneous clients?

I am a church and need to be able to EFFECTIVELY serve about 250 concurrent wireless connections of mobile devices (smart phones and iPads) that might be in service at the same time,

1) How do I identify the PRACTICAL number of clients that can be served per Access Point (AP), recognizing that different vendor models vary?

2) What, if any, higher-end Access Point models would you recommend?

3) Can you recommend any good resources (web or other) that discuss accommodating larger wireless audiences?
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Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantCommented:
You could do with app 5 - 8 AP's, given the fact that they are 802.11n capable and professional model.
Here's a good design guide:
That design guide looks at auditoriums - with a lot of wireless clients in a rather small area.

You might consider doing a proper site survey and radio planning when designing and configuring wireless. Go for low Tx for sending - that way the AP's won't interfere with each other.
Choose 802.11a/n as main carrier - if possible force all 5Ghz capable clients to 5Ghz (a/n) band, and let 2,4Ghz-only clients use 802.11b/g/n

I recommend Aruba - either the Instant Access Points ( without controller, or the controller based.( Controllers:

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