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I have one user that constantly says he didn't receive an email from some one the first time they sent it but it arrived the second time. If i get the message headers and do a track on the server, it shows as delivered.

He also complaints that email from certain internal users always arrives on his junk e-mail folder even after he clicks on "Not junk"

I have had him add the users to the "Safe" senders list but I don't think internal addresses can be added here.  His rules also, seem ok.

Any ideas what it's going on?

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OP_ZaharinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
- on the Junk Email Options  dialog, on the Safe Sender tab, checked the checkbox on "Also trust email from my Contacts" and "Automatically add people I e-mail to the Safe Senders List". this should add internal & external email and contacts to the list too.

Check deleted items folder.  I had the same issue with a user once and he got click happy when deleting email.  Second time around the user always got it because he was looking for it.
- incase you have not read this article on Junk email settings, i'm sharing with you the link:
Brian GeeCommented:
In addition to this, you can also run an Advanced Find from the Mailbox level in his Outlook (be sure to include the subfolders in the search) to find all emails from that sender's email address and the subject line in question and you may find two of such emails in his Mailbox. Add the In Folder field in the Advanced Find window and you will see which folder(s) have this particular email message accordingly.
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