Where do I find the SID for a server?

I am trying to license a piece of software on a server that we server Published Applications from.  Unfortunately the software hasn't been designed that well.  To request a license, I click on a button which tries to launch an email client and send an email to the software vendor with the computer's SID, so the correct license key can be provided.  
This all would work fine..... if the computer wasn't a server, and had an email client installed on it.... When I click on the button, it gives me an error message saying 'Failed to launch email'.  So far the vendor has only been able to help me by telling me it needs the SID sent, but can't tell me how to find it.

I thought it would be quite easy, but no it seems it isn't!  

How do I find the SID for a Windows Server 2003 Std Server?
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bosshognzAuthor Commented:
Thanks,  Downloaded the program and worked a treat - good old SysInternals aye.  Should have looked there first!
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