ISCSI mapping on windows 2003 to SAN drops share permissions on reboot

Hi all,

we have a Windows 2003 with ISCSI mapping to a Equallogic SAN LUN, partitioned for windows.

We have approx 300 GB of Data and have not had any issues, but when we reboot the server, the data remains intact including permissions except for shared folders, they just get dropped and I must re-share each folder again.

Any ideas?
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serchlopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This usually happens because the Server service starts before Windows has connected to the iSCSI volume. If you restart the server service all of the shares will be there. I have seen it many times. You can go into the registry and edit the lanmanserver service and make it dependent on MSiSCSI , which will make sure that iSCSI starts first. I had a Windows 2003 R2 VM where that didn't always work. If editing the registry doesn't work for you, you can add a scheduled task to restart the Server service at boot.
you may also set the Server-service to start "Automatic (delayed)".

Subhashish LahaCommented:
You may refer the below Microsoft KB article
pancho15Author Commented:
thanks , issue resolved
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