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adding a new 3Com 4500 switch to an existing stack

I have a new 3Com (HP) 4500 switch (model #3CR17571-91) running the latest OS (v3.03.02s168p02).  I am trying to add it to an existing stack of three other Identical switches.  According to the documentation, I am supposed to enable the 'up port' and 'down port' on this switch to operate in stack mode with the following command:

stack-port gigabitethernet 4/0/25 enable

However, when I enter that command in system-view mode it responds that it is an unrecognized  command.  In fact when I type "?" to see a list of commands, there aren't any listed that start with "stack-port".   Is there another way, maybe through the web admin utility, to enable the up port and down ports to operate in stack mode?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
Are you only using ports 49 & 50 throught the stack for ea unit?
hello mtkaiser,

On the 4500 i think it is a little more complicated than that. check out the newest config guide. Please note that the 4500G and the 4500 have different versions, so commands might differ.


Anyways, as i understand it, you have to configure the ports for stacking as XRN by making it a fabric port:

example from the manual. note, you have to use the last ports, in your case its 25/ 26 or 27/28 i think. Also, unit-id has to be different per switch.

[4500]change unit-id 1 to 1
[4500]fabric-port gigabitethernet1/0/51 enable
[4500]fabric-port gigabitethernet1/0/52 enable
[4500]sysname hello
[hello]xrn-fabric authentication-mode simple welcome

good luck,
mtkaiserAuthor Commented:
I have done the command to change the unit-id to 4 as this will be the fourth switch added to an pre-existing stack of three switches.

I then ran the commands to enable the ports for stacking:

fabric-port gigabitethernet 3/0/26 enable  (this command I ran from the existing stack)
fabric-port gigabitethernet 4/0/25 enable

as those are the two ports that will by physically connected.

I then ran:

sysname Warwick     (Warwick being the name of the existing stack)

Then I ran xrn-fabric authentication-mode None   (I used 'None" because the existing stack has 'None' listed as the authentication mode (I did not setup the existing stack and I don't have access to the vendor that did)).  When I ran that last command it came back with the error:

Incomplete command found at '^' position, with the '^' pointed to "None".  Maybe if there is no authentication method used, I don't need to run that command at all???

Hello mtkaiser, that is correct, None is the equivalent of no authentication set, so in case you do have authentication set (md5 or simple) use "undo xrn authentication-mode".

not sure it works without authentication though. on your "display current" you sure it doesnt say "xrn-fabric authentication-mode simple None" ? because that would mean the simple password is "None".


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