Auto Start FTP in IIS6

Hi Experts

We have a laptop running Windows Vista in our all Mac environment that we use as a Windows Web Server for local web testing.

Is there a way to auto start FTP on reboot/launch of the laptop rather having to launch IIS and navigating through to start it manually each time?

Thanks for your time.
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IT-Monkey-DaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you do a Start, Run  services.msc  You'll probably find the FTP service in there and be able to set it to Automatic Start.
hnEEAuthor Commented:
Thanks IT-Monkey-Dave!

I knew is would be something simple. I just needed someone smarter than me to share their knowledge.

This is fresh in my mind because a couple days ago I needed to set the SMTP service in IIS6 to auto-start and found the answer here.  :)
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