SQL Reporting Services Page Footer is Printing on every Page

I have a SQL Report called Contract Quote.  It is 5 pages long and is very detailed.  I cannot include an attachment because the data is confidential.  The page footer is printing on the last 4 pages of the quote.  I have set the Page Footer to PrintOnLastPage = True and PrintOnFirstPage = False.  If I set the PrintOnLastPage = False then the Footer prints on the inner 3 pages.  I know SQL Reporting Services does not have a Report Footer.  What can I do to force the Page Footer to print on the last page only?
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ortherConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This is a problem with SQL Reporting Services.
This is the workaround:

Create a Rectangle and place it in the Page Footer.  Set the Visibility to =Globals.PageNumber <> Globals.TotalPages

You also need to add the same visibility to any of the Lines, like the line for the signature and the line that separates the body from the footer.

Place all of the text fields on top of the Rectangle.

Be certain that the footer is set; PrintOnLastPage = True
ortherAuthor Commented:
I tested this and although it is not pretty, it does work.  Microsoft, get busy and give us a Report Footer.  Everybody else does.
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