dell 1955 blade server managment

Hi and thanks in advance.

I have a dell 1955 blade chasis with all 10 blades.. all empty, not even OS

I know there is a feature that will enable me to install OS on one blade and then replicate it across the rest of the blades with out having to individually install it.

Any idea how i can get to it?

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You may need to utilized Rapid Deployment Pack for a controlled and automated deployment.

on the other hand, you use the advantage of the RAID 1, which is mirrored disk.

on one Blade Server.

1. Set disks to be RAID 1
2. Load an OS
3. Do a sysprep (if it's windows)
4. remove one of the disk and insert to another blade, take note of the the disk bay it was assigned and insert it to the same bay assignment on the other blade.
5. Let the Array Controller rebuild the disks.
6. apply the same sequence on the remaining blades.

Hope this helps.

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