800A01AD - ActiveX component can't create object

Hi ,

I have problem with activex i created . it work fine in 99% of the time but evey time i get error eamil (err trap) ActiveX component can-t create object.

i found this forum : http://forums.aspfree.com/asp-development-5/800a01ad-activex-component-can-t-create-object-59167.html
and its 100% the same problem i have , but i didnt test it with WAST (microsoft download link is broken.. anyone know good and easy tool for testing ?? )
 but loop and try to create it again not working all the time .

Please help urgent..
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kevp75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
since it only happens sometimes, I have to wonder if you are getting buffer errors and not knowing it.  Do you have access to the VB6 project itself?

If so, make sure everything is getting closed, erased, set to nothing, when you are done using them.

Also, just to be sure, double check and make sure it was regsvr'd right on the server you are using this on...

Here's some more links to help:
VestelAuthor Commented:
i have access to the project , and in few places recordset was not closed ,
also change from server.createobject to createobject (not use mts iside the dll) .

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